• Welcome!

    Søllerød Orienteering Club are looking forward to welcoming orienteers from Denmark and the rest of the world to two top-class orienteering competitions at the unique Bornholm. Everybody is welcome! Read the latest news just below this post.

  • Need for bus-parking-space?

    Please let us know, if your club or federation travels together in a bus that needs special treatment at the parking areas. Contact information right here.

  • The Danish championships is soon – have you registered?

    Watch the Swedish TV- and Orienteering commentator Per Forsberg recommend the Danish championships on Bornholm this autumn. Read all about registration in the bulletin.

  • Pre-training

    One of the orienteering clubs at Bornholm, Viking, is hosting a training in forehand of the competitions. The training session will be held on september the 9th. Information is only available in danish, and will be published at The event will be print-at-home, and with the possibility of a small payment.

  • Bulletin 1 is now online

    Read and download it now at our Bulletins page.

  • Old maps

    On this page you can find links to older competition maps, witch partly/mostly covers the two competition areas: Slotslyngen: Paradisbakkerne: Press this link to see closed areas.